Sunday, April 7, 2013

DEBUT.. New BJD Dollhouse Minis!

I hadnt mentioned I was creating these.. well because the idea came to me on a whim! I love creating Ball jointed dolls... and I love creating very tiny miniature sculpture I thought.. what if I tried my hands on creating a very tiny miniature Ball jointed doll! You can pose her and can fit in a 1:12 scale dollhouse!
So here are the results of my idea!First i created a master sculpt then made miniature molds for each part. The reason behind this is the same reason I do it for my large BJDs... so I can be sure they are the same size so you can purchase different wigs, wings jewelry and clothing for them! 
Now I have to make my sister Shari one so she can start creating clothing for them.. we are thinking tiny lingerie bustiers and stockings.. tiny shoes.. etc!  
These little minis measure a little over 5 3/4 inches tall! They are double jointed so they can fold their legs under their knees. They come with removable wigs so you can interchange different wigs! .. and they come with a pair of miniature wings that you can change out.
 The three shown on my blog are for sale.. All minis are made from a strong high quality polymer clay. They are strung with elastic... For the debut I am including little tiaras shown on each mini!
So without further ado.... I present to you my first tiny minis!
Please note... All 3 are now sold thank you!!!!

 The picture above shows all three together... The mini on the top left comes with a rococo wig.. you can purchase the long platinum wig separate.

Now ... this is Rococo...
Ms. Rococo is sitting on an inkwell in this picture... please note it is not included. She does come with her lovely wings and earrings shown!

Here she is in my hand so you can see how tiny she is!

So Tiny!

In the picture above.. Rococo is holding a dime to show how tiny she is!

Now for Jewel!
She comes with a long brunette wig, earrings, wings and tiara:
I called her Jewel because she loves to sit in jewelry boxes. (:

Above.. Jewel is resting on a 1;12th dollhouse scale sofa!

Last but not least.... Serene Slumber.... 
She comes with her long red wig, tiara, wings and earrings

Serene is shown resting in a teacup.

                                                                                        Serene Loves Sleeping in Jewelry boxes! This jewelry box is sold seperate... as you can see. she is quite tiny compared to a necklace!

Each Miniature BJD is priced at $449.99
They are sold nude and come with 1 wig, 1 set of wings, tiara, and earrings.
We will be offering clothing for them in the future!
Each measures approx. 5 3/4 inches tall 1:12th scale
First come first serve
Free shipping in the US!
Please email me at

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