Monday, April 22, 2013

New Mini BJDs with Magnetic wings and introducing Teaspoon Minis!

Please note Luna is now sold! Thank you!
Finally I am able to share my latest pieces! I am sharing two new Mini BJD's and my first 2 Teaspoon Minis!  I hope to have all special orders and two New 15 inch Ball jointed dolls ready by next week!  The first I am sharing are the Mini BJD's... Astral and the Steampunk set are already sold. Luna and the Water Lily set was available but now sold.  The Two Teaspoon Minis are also sold. 
Luna !
Luna Comes with the wings and wig shown above. Her wings have magnets which attach to her back easily. You can switch from different wings with ease! I wanted to come up with a way you can interchange them easily as being so small it tends to be tricky... but with the magnets.. it makes it much easier!

Above is Luna with Astral. Both sold

Here you can see how small my mini BJDs are... she is sitting on a 1:12th scale sofa

The wings and helmet above are sold... but you can custom order

One of my favorite looks for Luna! She is shown in the Water Lily set! This set includes  Glass water lily... moth wings and elaborate wig!
(sold separate)

Her body is sueded to help keep her pose

she has a delicate tattoo on her torso

Luna in my hand...

Luna and Astral together dressed in Steampunk

Astral in the Steampunk set

Astral wearing handmade Steampunk helmet... 

Laying in a 1:12 bed

As you can see she measures just above 5.5 inches tall

Each mini BJD starts out from my master mold using a very strong polymer clay. I use a mold so each doll can have the same size body and head so they can wear the same size clothing ,wigs and wings.
They are double jointed on the knees and elbows and strung with elastic.
Each is hand painted and although their body's are the same.. their faces and hands are OOAKS.
Mini BJDs are $449.99 and come with one wig and a set of magnetic wings.. they are sold nude.
They fit 1:12 scale dollhouses and in the near future clothing will be available!
If yuo are interested i Luna... please email me at

Now here are my Teaspoon Minis!
Both are sold

Measuring 4 inches if they stood! Sculpted without the use of molds 

Fits in a teaspoon!

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